Steel Mills


We have developed, in collaboration with top-level Partners, a profound knowledge of available marketable components and extensive experience and ability to analyze industry issues.
Surveillance systems and operator interface of SAIE E&A use the most popular SCADA on the market, far beyond the mere visualization of synoptics; Allow complete parametrization of process and plant through recipes, statistical analysis of machine stops and sampling parameters, real-time tracking of the pieces in the plant by adapting the working-progess parameters of the article processing process.


SAIE E&A is able to realize plants related to:

• Billets loaded with presses;
• Extrusion, cutting and control boards for presses;
• Trace metal processing ovens;
• Automatic warehouses;
• Ferroalloys and raw material loading in furnaces;
• Smoke and emissions control;
• Control of Instrumentation in Cooling Systems and H2O Technologies;
• Transfer Machines.