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The Italian company is an innovative and internationally operating for automation solutions in all branches of industry. As a specialist for measurement and control technology we are recognized with a considerable reference list.In the field of automation we make the following service:


Siemens oven remake of Owens Corning Vetrotex Vado Ligure

•Analysis of manufacturing processes

•Planning and projecting

•Control and process control technology

•Drive engineering and machine controlling


•Factory automation solutions

•Staff training

We are glad to make our know-how in the glass industry

One of our strength is full support throughout the course of our customer’s project: starting with technology development of a plant till the actual start of the production process.

In addition, because of individual support service we assure high flexibility for the duration of the projects.

Glass Industry

Standardized automation concept: From the batch delivery to the storage.

The company S.A.I.E. has been in the glass industry for many years and thus has experience in a variety of automation techniques.

The primary performance for planning and implementation of automation solutions are, on the one hand, to cut production costs per piece and, on the other hand, to build an integrated automation system made of standardized components. As a result of the standardization, costs can be reduced such as for spare part storage, maintenance, and training. Based on the process control system with primary Hardware and software system has developed programmable building arrays and user interfaces, so-called faceplates, that have been developed especially for the requirements of the glass industry. These faceplates can be adapted individually to the adequate customer wishes.

Glass Productions


Today, competition in the glass industry is more important : those companies that do not modernize in time are ousted from the market in no time. Twenty years ago, it was possible to sell glass with a high profit even if it contained seams and small defects. Today, little money is spent for highest quality. In order to achieve this output in an cost-efficient way, expensive production plants need to be modernized in time. Oftentimes, old plants are still in good mechanical state but the old control system or drive engineering are not up to today’s standards. A solution that S.A.I.E. offers up-to-date control and drive engineering for your plants.We achieve highest performance on the basis of the latest control system .

As an example one can look at the latest circuit times for 80 fast cams with a resolution of 125 µs, whereas the position control of the drive is also extremely fast with 125 µs and the slow program still operates in a 2 to 4 ms cycle. Cycle times of older controls are sometimes more than 100 ms.


Everything is part of the production: production machines such as press, extruder, IS-machine, seam fuser, blaster, handling stations, inserter and extractor of the cooling section. Overall, the whole process can be compared to a chain where production is only as strong as its weakest link. Thus, all were equipped with the latest control and drive technology. Even the simple process of extracting the glass after cooling can decrease a profitable first class product certain percentage points and thus make an otherwise profitable production unprofitable. A machine modernization with new control and drive technology is usually advantageous and makes also sense in economic terms. Several ways can achieve an increase in productivity: decreasing the down and dead time, less energy consumption, faster and more precise processing cycles, link and synchronization to the production cycle, easier operation, more job safety, cheaper replacement parts, data exchange with higher-ranking computer systems.

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