Iron and steel & Metallurgic

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The metals industry today is unthinkable without sophisticated  automation. S.A.I.E. automation systems, based on the combined engineering, plant-building, operational, metallurgical and

automation experience, are the key for high quality products at low production costs.


    Iron Making ,Steel Making


For the first time ever, hot-rolled coils can now be commercially  produced in a thin-slab casting/rolling plant directly from liquid steel in a continuous and uninterrupted manufacturing process.

    Continuous Casting

On the basis of experience in the engineering, supply, installation, start-up and commissioning of casters, our company is in an ideal position to implement the optimum solutions for our customers.

   Integrated Plants

    Tube and Pipe Mills

Backed by our experience in engineering , our service to propose solutions focused on process optimization.

   Water Solutions

From the treatment technology to process automation and controls, S.A.I.E. provides turnkey water solutions for your mine.

Coke Solutions

Based on real-time measurement information from the process model calculations, the system helps the user to heat the battery evenly and operate the coke oven machines ( Pusher car, charging car, and coke guide car )

To meet the permanently increasing demands for quality and economic production, S.A.I.E. supplies the electrics and automation solutions for plant performance and product quality.

Our solutions are designed for the power supply, drives and automation with technology-specific.

Electrics/Automation solutions covering the entire production route

  • Both integrated and stand-alone solutions for all automation levels and power supply and power quality solutions
  • In-depth technological process modelling
  • Supply of modularly designed, expandable and upgradeable packages
  • In our experience in software and hardware engineering for the project implementation and start-up
  • Plant performance through integrated diagnostic tools
  • Solution-oriented services for all stages of the project, from feasibility studies to start-up plant.

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