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Areas in which we work:

Oil & Gas

We have the ability to develop and implement the solutions required in difficult conditions but always in close collaboration with the customer, to achieve the goals in the times agreed from the coding to the installation phase. SAIE E&A offers know-how resources to meet any specific requirement for process design, […]



Cement Plants

With the rapid growth of Asian economies, world cement consumption is currently growing; Cement production is therefore expanding and, at the same time, production processes need to be optimized to ensure maximum efficiency. In this context, the analysis process has an important role to play: to determine reliable and accurate […]

Steel Mills

We have developed, in collaboration with top-level Partners, a profound knowledge of available marketable components and extensive experience and ability to analyze industry issues. Surveillance systems and operator interface of SAIE E&A use the most popular SCADA on the market, far beyond the mere visualization of synoptics; Allow complete parametrization […]



Glass Industry

We have been operating in the glass industry for many years, both at the assembly level of electrical and electrotechnical equipment and for the automation part. Quality and specialization in measurement and control technologies are a significant benchmark. In the automation sector SAIE E&A si focuses on the following aspects: […]


Civil & tertiary

BUILDING AUTOMATION , OFFICE AND WELLNESS CENTER   S.A.I.E. thus integrating and combining several decades of experience in building automation and fire safety. S.A.I.E. is active on power generation and distribution and respective engineering services. Today, Building Technologies consists of four Business Units: Building Automation Fire Safety & Security Products […]

Iron and steel & Metallurgic

The metals industry today is unthinkable without sophisticated  automation. S.A.I.E. automation systems, based on the combined engineering, plant-building, operational, metallurgical and automation experience, are the key for high quality products at low production costs.       Iron Making ,Steel Making   For the first time ever, hot-rolled coils can now […]

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Cooling water Testa Plant


Pharmaceutical The S.A.I.E. built between 2010 and mid-2011 plants of this type; In particular, it has provided and implemented the following plants as described below: auxiliary systems Electrical Systems Medium Voltage and Low Voltage Siemens PCS7 Automation certifications design engineering software


Solutions for Liquid Bulk Terminals, Distribution Terminals The implementation of integrated engineering solutions for liquid bulk terminals, distribution terminals systems requires a wide range of specialized know-how and resources. In this highly demanding sector of activities, S.A.I.E. has not only built up a reputation in recent times, but even more […]



Cement & Inert

Cement Industry Cement is a hydraulic binding agent to produce concrete. Due in part to the fast growth of the Asian economies, world consumption of cement is currently growing at an annual rate of 8%. Therefore, cement production is expanding and, at the same time, production processes need to be […]


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2012 – 2013   Flour for Industry In line with the most modern techniques and production requirements, the SAIE is able to provide its customers with complete automation systems conn features that meet the needs of more diverse. The continuous research and collaboration with customers and co-operation with specialized producers […]


The Italian company is an innovative and internationally operating for automation solutions in all branches of industry. As a specialist for measurement and control technology we are recognized with a considerable reference list.In the field of automation we make the following service:   Siemens oven remake of Owens Corning Vetrotex […]

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Gas Power Automation of clean and integrated power generation solutions with high operational flexibility.   “Turnekey ” Orders The execution of orders involves many parts and internal / external interface that can change according to the typology and the dimension as described below: Auxiliary systems Electric systems and automation Purchases, […]