General Information


Successful companies in the world need to be able to coordinate more and more complex functions, such as plant designing, installation and start-up, network configuration, staff training, and Customer service. In today’s competitive market they need solutions allowing them to control all stages of industrial processes in a simple, fast and reliable way while saving time and optimizing resources.
A vision directed to the constant use of innovative technology has managed the S.A.I.E. E & A in a short time to be a leader in the field of its competence :
in industrial automation design;
in engineering services ;
in power plant engineering services .
The works are performed by the technical staff ( in constant technical training ) highly specialized in order to offer the end user a high technical knowledge and thus able to meet the different demands of the market ( even in tight times) .
Not least , the direct contact with customers in verifying their needs , poses the S.A.I.E. E&A in a position to constantly improve the quality standards of its work.