Centrali di produzione energia

Gas Power

Automation of clean and integrated power generation solutions with high operational flexibility.

“Turnekey ” Orders

The execution of orders involves many parts and internal / external interface that can change according to the typology and the dimension as described below:

  • Auxiliary systems
  • Electric systems and automation
  • Purchases
  • Testings, inspections
  • Consignments
  • Project Management (General coordination), Project Planning, Control & Administration
  • Project Management – Clients organization
  • Engineers (Clients advisors)
  • Insurances

Related plant to the Power industry

Automation and controls for gas power

S.A.I.E. ’s automation and control solutions control the energy dispatched by your gas power plant, from fuel supply and plant performance to emission monitoring and grid connections for maximum flexibility

The product line provides a consistent technology from low-level controls to high level asset management dashboard and optimisation tools. This Alstom automation and control solution ensures data consistency and an ideal platform for power operators in plant and fleet management requiring remote feature centralisation.

The latest product line for gas power plants includes:

Our global presence worldwide as a Power Generation OEM and our expertise on all fuel types allow us to design and provide solutions meeting our customers’ exact requirements to optimise the efficiency, quality and flexibility of their plant.

The product line extends across the entire plant, from the control room with plant management operation and optimisation tools, through plant and machine automation to asset management and remote diagnostics systems.

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